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20 ways to know your Interior Designer before you Hire them!

September 20, 2011



Hire your Interior Designer with Confidence and the Assurance of Personal Attention to your Design Project


  1. An interior designer must be an expert in creating, guiding and delivering your finished project, all effortlessly orchestrated to fulfill the dreams of their client.
  2. A referral from someone you know is one of the best methods to find an Interior designer to work with you. Although, it is still wise to interview a couple more designers to assure you are making the right choice… for you.
  3. The designer should have a list of past clients for you to call upon to ask about their experience in hiring them as their designer.
  4. During the consultation process your designer should ask you 101 questions about your lifestyle in the projected space to be designed. This assures the functionality of that space for the client, designing is not only about creating a great looking room.
  5. Are you impressed with the designer’s wealth of knowledge, idea sharing, inspiration and suggestions? You should feel like the designer is as excited as you are about your project.
  6. You can learn the art of interior design in school.  What makes a truly talented designer also has a lot to do with their DNA at birth.
  7. Interior designers are all very diverse in the design philosophies.  It is essential to hire a designer that you are confident in with their design abilities.
  8. Great design has no boundaries of creativity.  A great designer has a keen sense of composition…a perfect balance of scale and proportions. They posses a true sensitivity to the various values of color and texture in elements.  All these qualities of great designing meld together in a room… it shows in the uniqueness of great detail and styling.
  9. Seeing previous design projects is definitely part of the selection process in hiring an interior designer. An important factor to look for in their work is practical solutions with exceedingly aesthetic results.
  10. Gather together ideas of what you envision the finished project to look like. Start a file for your project with ideas from books, magazine clippings and paint samples. This will give your designer a real clear picture of what your expectations are at completion.
  11. Your designer should also present to you samples of finished rooms of various styles. The more you communicate your desires, likes and dislikes the more your designer can bring reality to your vision.
  12. Designers usually have a library of inspirational design books, a great source to cast off from with ideas. Especially, helpful if you’re not really sure what you are passionate about…. you just feel stuck and need some fresh ideas.
  13. The client-designer relationship is a bond of trust that needs to be established.  First impressions and feelings you experience during the initial consultation should be indicators whether you can work together or not…go with your gut.
  14. You should feel a true sense of passion from your designer to be able to create your dream space with you. Their job is to satisfy you, not to treat you as just another job.
  15. Accountability and reliability are key characteristics your designer should bestow…if you expect your project to be completed on time. Does your designer follow through with initial phone calls and answers to your questions and concerns before you sign a contract?
  16. You are hiring a professional service and your interior designer is counting on you to refer your friends and family for their design needs. You should not hear the clock ticking and be charged for every call you make or vice versa…including emails.
  17. You are confiding and entrusting the guidance of your designer, you should never feel pressured or talked into some thing you do not like or feel uncomfortable with.
  18. The final purchase choices for every aspect of your project are yours…your designer should give you choices and options with every decision from paint colors to furniture selection. Remember this is your design project on your budget.
  19. Your designer should always explain in depth the reasoning behind their recommendations and choices. Especially, when you plan to use a piece of furniture or art in the room that just won’t work in the scheme. You may have a favorite color for the walls that is not the best choice; your designer should communicate with you to so you can see it as a reasonable decision.
  20. When working with general contractors or professional painters, your designer should be available to work with them to assure everything is done as specified.

Some sound advice…for your very personal decision! 


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