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Bathroom Design Makeover

October 15, 2011


Bathroom Design Makeover…possibly the best room in the house!


Some may think of the bathroom as only a…”bathroom”, take care of your grooming rituals and get out! Interior designers will all agree on this one…The bathroom is definitely in the running for becoming the best room in the house!  Those special touches in creating your own personal sanctuary will entice you to stay longer…soak in the tub and take in some moments to enjoy the relaxing feeling of your own personal space…at least “space in time” if you share it with your family! If you don’t have a bathtub…put it on your new bathroom design dream list!

I believe…no matter the bathroom or powder room you’re redesigning…think about the experience you are creating for everyone who enters…you can really do some impressing! Bathrooms can be special spaces in our homes, these rooms are the exception to all the restrictions in designing a room…no rules in the bathroom! Especially if your bathroom is  separate from adjoining rooms. Be brave…be bold and do something overly wonderful in designing your bathroom!

  Bathroom Design Makeover Ideas                  

A Bathroom Makeover Challange…transitioning my clients existing slate floor with new tile on the tub and shower surround.  An unexpected, yet beautiful combination of stone, ceramic and glass tiles.


Bathroom Makeover Ideas…never thought of that!

I’d like to share with you some interior design pointers of bathroom makeovers.  For starters, painting the ceiling white will make the space look chopped up and smaller. Besides a white ceiling is so expected…be different! An option, choose one of the wall colors and run the color across the ceiling. No time to hold back on creativity…think of other ways, all the ways it’s never been painted!



Practical design decisions for your Bathroom Makeover 

Rip out as much of the old bathroom your projected budget will allow.  You must remove any tired old trends, such as a tile that is very out of style.  On the contrary…if the tile is classic 1920-1940’s, keep it! Design the bathroom around the colors in the tiles, you can have a lot of fun creating color schemes that are very original.  I am personally passionate about old architecture and believe we need to preserve what is still left standing. Designing around classic touches in the bathroom gives you the advantage of bringing in recent design classics too. 



What does your “Dream Bathroom Makeover” look like?

Take on the fun project of starting a portfolio of your makeover project. Pull pictures from magazines. Go to the library and look at design books for the bathroom. Collect your favorite colors…all the colors you love, ones you feel comfortable in. Write down all your design preferences…what is lacking in your bathroom…what have you always wanted in a bathroom? Start noticing patterns in fabric and wallpaper samples, at this stage of the design process you are really just gathering ideas and choosing what you have always really liked…the real you.



Customize your Bathroom Makeover where it counts.

You don’t need to spend $500 on a toilet, but you should spend more than $29.99 on the faucets! Always choose quality and style over price where it will be seen. The purpose of your bathroom design makeover is to make it your own…not the cookie cutter model at the home improvement store. I have done some classy bathroom makeovers shopping at Home Depot and Lowes.  The difference is not to mimic the sample boards in the stores, instead start with an idea then create the design theme from many sources, the result should be a perfect blend of all elements in the room.  So many do it yourselfers never think to create their own design, patterns and colors. Look at all the choices there are!



Bathroom Design “Intervention”

If you find yourself in the middle of a million decisions for your bathroom makeovers…call on a professional, interior designers are experts at sorting through all those choices and making sense of these decisions for you.





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