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Lampmix Original Designer Lamps

LAMPMIX whimsy styling… radiant light


I believe it is the eclectic mix of pieces in our home…

not the matching of items that breathes intrigue

into our personal spaces.

The thought that something functional in our home

has to be ordinary is the essence my lamp creations.



Original Creations by Kathleen Lilleeng


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Shimmering modern lighting Collection

Unique as they are fun to look at each day

Lamps of visual impact each a bright character




Glass Lamp Modern Light

A medley of glass comes together to create this gem of a lamp










Contemporary Traditional Lamp

A lamp with a twist…contemporary lines yet traditional glass shade






Mix it up!

Here’s a new twist on contemporary traditional lamps.

Shed new light on your setting with my lamp collection that combines the grace of vintage lamp parts and recycled objects.

Each and every part of my lamps is hand selected, drilled, refinished and assembled.  This is an arduous process but the tinkering is fun!




Lamp contemporary vintage stlye

Lampmix…”L” is for an original Lilleeng designed lamp





Spirit Stirring…

Lamp styles have always run aside the fashion of the times…becoming a expression of ones taste in décor.

The lamps I create are retold off shoots of styles past and present. Just as                                                                                                              everything fades into time…my lamps are                                                                                          fleeting one of a kind creations.

Lamp light vintage style










Designer lamp in vintage flare

Lighting in a grand way,
 reminiscent in many ways
















Brilliant Lighting

Blending stylish lamp ideas with eras from

different times

captivates an interesting expression in lighting

for your home or office.

Vintage glass mixed with modern pieces of metal,

ceramics and just anything mixed together

Lamp cool and contemporary

Contemporary lamp in a cool mix of metal and glass.

makes these unique lamps a brilliant

statement in lighting.









Lamp contemporary modern

Brilliant light…classically styled to spark up any dark spot in your life.




Glimmering Lamps

Lighting that not only creates the mood in a room,

it’s exhilarating to see a lamp fill your need for

illumination in such a unique and crafty way.



Contemporary Modern Lamp

Modern pieces combined in mod color

Light up your room with something more than just a lamp!


Original modern lamp design

From top to bottom a mix of metal, glass and porcelain makes a modern medley of light





















Contemporary lamp with the soft mix of pink, black, cut crystals and metal leaves.

Contemporary lamp with the soft mix of pink, black, cut crystals and metal leaves.

The lamps we switch on each day…


become that bright little spot we search for to light our space…and warm our emotions.  A lamp has a big show to act on with a switch…to illuminate while looking stupendous.

My lamps embody those desires and needs capturing the warmth with the story each and every part retells now as a lamp.


Classic touches blend in with just about any powder pouf spot...bedroom dresser or a bathroom vanity.

Classic touches blend in with just about any powder pouf spot…bedroom dresser or a bathroom vanity.






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