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Creating a brand image through interior design at the office

July 22, 2011


The Face of Your Business

Creating a brand image through interior design at the office…often overlooked! You start off with eager ambition of making a name in the world and becoming the pro in your field. You hire a marketing company to brand and create an image that will be seen on your company business cards, letterhead, brochures and the signage outside your business doors.

As vital to your business as the branding image, your clients will also perceive your standing in the business world by the look and feel of the office space where you conduct your business. It is essential to create a workplace that is pulled together aesthetically to illustrate to your clients the professionalism you provide and to stimulate and nurture the morale of your employees.

Start up costs for a new business are astronomical, yet improvements to an existing workplace are usually mostly cosmetic and even the on most modest budget you can definitely spruce things up. Your company is constantly under scrutiny by your clients; convey an image to show you mean business! Savvy interior design can help!


Quick Fixes on Budget

If you see anything mauve or teal colored in your new office, call the Salavation Army to come pick it up! This not only dates the space back to the 1980‘s it also dates you and your business. Another energy depleting color is white, add some life to your business space with color. Your new office space is a blank palette to establish your company’s image to the outside world.

The flooring is a major factor in the improvement plan for your office. Worn, tattered, stained carpeting must be replaced. A commercial grade carpet is available in a variety of price ranges. Even the least expensive will be an improvement over the old carpet. If the existing floor is a hard surface but dated, large area rugs can be a quick remedy. People will notice the floor they walk on, and it can improve your brand image in the eyes of clients.

One necessary improvement that is the least costly is replacing the overhead light fixtures with “daylight” fluorescent tubes, this will impact the entire office mood. The standard “cool white” tubes wipe out all color beneath it including skin color. Home Depot is a quick source for these types of bulbs. You will be assured the overhead color is uniform throughout which will shed a good light on you and your company.

Another telltale sign that an office is from another era is vertical and mini blinds. Replace them with solar roll up shades or, if privacy is not an issue leave the windows bare. Nothing says more about an office space than the institutional mundane look of these ordinary window treatments. Let your updated office show off your company’s sensitivity with a well-planned interior design.

How is the existing office furniture looking? Beaten up, beyond dated? Used office furniture warehouses are fully stocked with reasonably price items. Keep in mind, a well designed office space does not have to be filled with office-style furniture, a mix makes for an unexpected impression your clients will notice.

Storage is a must for keeping desks and work areas clear from mounds of papers. File cabinets are essential, keep in mind how other pieces of furniture such as armoires and chests of drawers can be utilized for storage and add some pizzazz to the work environment.

If your budget is limited for furnishing the entire office? Put your money where it counts, invest in the reception area first. You will be perceived as a well established business with a fresh image at the doorway. First impressions are everything to a new client, impress them!


Outside looking in

What does your company’s image look like from the outside? Sometimes an overlooked area but just as crucial for building a solid image of your company. The entrance to your business represents a cornerstone of your company’s image, make sure there’s a fresh coat of paint and clean sparkling glass. The plants, trees and bushes should look alive and thriving, replant tired looking areas.

Lastly, your companies sign is how new clients will first identify your business and the image it is portraying. A professionally designed sign is your logo, the symbol of the business you built from the ground up. Think of the business logos that have stood the test of the changing times… what images come to your mind?


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