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Decorating ideas for your bedroom

August 3, 2011


Interior design for the bedroom

Create your bedroom mood...with a melding of color, texture and personal touches


 The bedroom is the one room of your home that is the epitome of a personal “comfort zone”. It is a place to go when the day is long and it’s time to surrender for the night. We find mental calmness in this room when the rest of our world seems like chaos. It is a room where we escape to overcome our illness or sorrow. In our bedroom we can be as blissful or stimulated as we want to be.

To design such rooms there are essential elements and simple changes that are the integral parts of the whole atomosphere of the bedroom. Let’s talk about some mood altering changes to your bedroom. 


Surrender to Color

If your bedroom is any shade of white….paint it! This is really the first step in the design of any room.  There are millions of hues and tints of color available… choose one, two or three shades of one color for your room including the ceiling! To retain the warmth of the bedroom paint the ceiling in the lightest shade of your color selection or the same color as one of the walls… never leave a ceiling white!

Are you timid with color? In selecting the lightest hues on the paint sample strip you will still achieve a cozy ambiance of color without being too daring! Remember…the walls and ceiling are the backdrop to the mood you are creating in your bedroom. Go beyond the safe zone you usually stay within, pick an unexpected choice of color.


Breaking Tradition    

The concept of the standard “bedroom suite” has been passé for a couple generations now, yet they are still sold as sets. The bedroom becomes over crowded and boring aesthetically. Invigorate your decorating choices by replacing the matching dresser with a dramatic and romantic art deco piece. Switch out one of the nightstands to a brushed platinum round table and the other with a contemporary dark wood cabinet. A bedroom should posses a distinctness of informal luxury… go ahead mix it up with furniture in various finishes and styles.


Create Calmness    

Designing your bedroom is all about the mood you create… and the lighting is definitely going to set the tone for the room. Peaceful, rejuvinating or frolicky…whatever this room is to you, the lighting needs to be controlled by day and properly lit at night.

To soften daylight entering your room from a window hang grass cloth or linen panels from a multi track rod or install roller shades available in an unlimited selection of materials from fabric to natural bamboo, these will give you the look of a natural simplicity. Drapery panels in complimentary fabric hung over shades are an option if a more opulent feel to the room is your personal preference. At night lamps with pink low wattage bulbs or colored lampshades that are as unexpected in style as the rest of the furnishings will cast a moody calming to the bedroom.

Recessed ceiling lights on a dimmer switch gives you the flexibility to light up the room when needed or to really turn it down for that romantic glow. The flickering of candles is essential in creating an alluring enchantment to the bedroom.


Favorite Things

The last of the personal touches to your bedroom are the accessories. Design details that finish off the theme of the room while bringing your character to life. The placement of art on the walls should be in keeping with the ambiance you are creating in the room. A sequence of art hung in a row or in a collage fashion will visually be simpler than hanging art on every wall. In designing a room always consider the blank areas of any setting complimentary to the filled space.

 A collection displayed on wall mounted shelves is another design idea for the walls instead of art. Add layers to a table top with leather or fabric boxes and placing small lamps or candles on top. Mixing is the key even with the smallest details, old and new, ornate and simple. Vary the size and shape of items you place, large with small, square with round. Resist sets and pairs of anything. In designing a bedroom…what makes all so inviting is the unexpected choice of elements entwined with a common thread. Your bedroom will surely become a pleasurable visual escape for you.


Ahhh…your bed 

Now that everything is in place; your bedroom is now a statement about you. Let’s talk about the bed…it must be of ultimate comfort, the softest feel, and one of the most fabulous things in your life. Under all those sumptuous sheets a sheepskin mattress pad really buffers the body.

One of the most visual design decisions for your bedroom is the choice of bed linens. The “matchy” bed ensembles can be quite contrived… spice up the colors a bit and combine a scheme of colors and pattern within the theme. Invest in sheets of 100 percent combed cotton at least in a 300 count thread. Bedspreads, coverlets and duvets are to be understated; although this really depends on your personality. A solid color with a texture of weave or quilting is in keeping with the tranquility of a bedroom and tends not to be a visual overload with pattern.

When decorating with pillows and shams, think about correlating and mixing without being an exact match in fabric. A minimal look is far more pleasing than a pile of pillows and layers of blankets on the bed. The bedroom should be created with a simple design impact…that truly calms your senses. Your bedroom could possibly become the most favorite room in your home!

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