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Designing your Room with a Theme

September 26, 2011


Design theme…do you have one?

Design theme is not to be mistaken with style, which is the description of a particular design trend in time.  Contemporary, Urban, Traditional, Craftsman, Modern …these all are considered styles. Some in particular are general in description with several classifications within that style…like Traditional for example. The furniture lines and finishes, colors of the walls and the patterns in fabrics are what identify the look of these trends.  You can love more than one style and design a room that takes on an eclectic look.  The essential link that gels all that great styling together… is the theme!


What does “theme less” look like?

We have all experienced “theme less” homes and office spaces.  As you look around these rooms, your visual preceptors in the brain are confused and firing off in all directions!   Every element in the room is demanding your attention all at once. Pieces of furniture are clashing with no relationship to one another. There is not a color transition from room to room. Your eyes are bouncing around looking for a spot in the room to rest upon…with no focal point, just being there makes you feel uneasy and distracted. What’s wrong? Classic case…the theme is off? 


Everything must jibe!

Think of the theme as the common thread that intertwines all the elements together in a room. Styles can be mixed together, colors can be blended or contrasted, fabrics and finishes can be different.  One rule… there must be a common denominator within the mix, all elements need to compliment one another. A well designed space should have a theme that runs through every paint chip, faucet, door, rug, light fixture, counter top, flooring material …right down the picture frames. If something is off it will stick out like a sore thumb and visually not jibe!


The design sense of an Interior designer

Designing a home or office with the theme playfully orchestrated throughout is a true design sense… aspects of design that are often overlooked or just not done. To design a space around a theme is an art, a skill most interior designers innately have wired in their DNA.  The theme is a personal touch, to every element in every space. Your brain responds to visual harmony in very positive ways. Creating an environment such as this has character, the personality of the person shines throughout the room in the art, color scheme; style of furniture and accessories…no mistake of who the space looks like, whom was it specially created for…your room should be a reflection of you!




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