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San Diego Interior Designer Simplifies your Makeover

Are you overwhelmed with the way your home is looking…feeling powerless? Reclaim your space! A truly great home balances organization with livable comfortable solutions to create your personalized living environment. My home makeover experience enables me to make all the right choices with you. You will breathe a sigh of relief… your project suddenly becomes achievable.

Together, with your vision we start by choosing a paint scheme in color enhancing combinations. You’ll not only look good in… but colors you can live with. Next, we plan the theme with simple changes to your existing floor plan. If necessary, additional pieces are rearranged into the mix to create diversity and eclectic styling. An interior design process with dramatic results!

The space you once existed in… is metamorphisized into a stimulating functioning lifestyle at home.

Starting Over?   Whatever situation you find yourself in…I can help you find yourself at home.

Are you standing in an empty space… just moved into a new place with nothing but the shirt on your back? Starting over is a chance for new choices… to do it your way! Feeling intimidated with all the choices in furnishings, window treatments, accessories, wall art, lamps, and bed linens… even the bathroom towels?

There is a fine line between filling a space with what you need while not sacrificing the visual mood. My interior design service will guide you through the purchasing process painlessly within your budget… empowering you to discover your own personal style. I bring to you practical interior design advice and the encouragement to make your home a wonderful place to be in.



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