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Consider how much of your life you spend at home... are you experiencing your surroundings or just existing in them?


A Home Makeover…is a Healthy Lifestyle. San Diego interior designer Kathleen Lilleeng believes that you may not be aware of the feelings of frustration and stress you feel in your home.


Look around, is your bed unmade because it looks the same whether you make it or not? Are your keys are never where you left, sometimes hiding amongst the piles of paperwork on the dining table?

The coffee table that trips you every time you walk past it because it is squeezed into the living space that is out of porportion with furniture.  To escape…you run out the door frazzled and frustrated as you run off to the gym.

Now, why is it you would never miss your workout at the “Buff Body Gym” to sustain your physical and mental health… what about your health at home? Believe it or not, your home is also a direct reflection of a healthy lifestyle. How is your home reflecting you…do you like how you look?

If embarrassment takes over… you may be the one who needs an interior design home makeover. Your home is a part of your lifestyle image just as much as how you are portrayed to others outside the home. A balance between the two is essential to your whole life vitality. To live in an environment that rejuvenates and stimulates your every sense is a healthy lifestyle.


Interior Changes Begin with You!

A home makeover doesn’t necessarily mean donate all your possessions to the goodwill and start from scratch. When working with an interior designer your project becomes simplified and stress less for you. In most cases, it is a process of redefining your living space and repurposing the use of your furniture to create a visual harmony customized specifically for you. Depending on your budget, the home décor do over process can be done a room at a time… piece by piece or a total surrender to the home makeover project and redesign the entire home.

Consider how much of your time you are living in your home environment… are you experiencing your surroundings or just existing in them? Together, with your interior designer you will be creating your own natural habitat. A home where you experience the calm… just by walking through the door…that’s a healthy lifestyle!



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