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Interior designer San Diego company sets the mood

July 22, 2011


Get your harmony created

Since ancient times, and since homes have been lived in, elements of interior design have been around in some rudimentary form or the other. Overtime though, developments in this field have changed, making large leaps and bounds to what they currently are today, and finding a qualified interior designer San Diego company that understands customers’ needs and desires is an exceptional discovery.
There are many keys to any interior design, and finding what strikes the cord and tantalizes the customer is what makes an interior designer successful and well sought. From color schemes that blend foreground and background designs to outdoor living with natural hard or lawn and garden seating, the decisions should be client driven while using the aesthetic talent of an interior designer San Diego company.
“Putting your home together should really be about making a personal statement and definitely less about what the current design trends are today,” says Kathleen Lilleeng, owner of, an Interior Designer San Diego company. “Trends come and go, and no one really wants to be outdated. The best way to develop your home in a way that will bring peace to your daily life is to introduce items you truly love.”
A challenge for some homeowners is in finding the correct pieces that will not only blend but will physically fit into the space in the right way, and if done the properly, it can create a harmonious flow throughout a living environment.


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