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November 13, 2012


Design Begins with Paint…

what color to paint the walls…

a serious design dilemma!


Interior designers all agree, choosing paint colors is something to be taken very seriously, most of us are not a good judge of color. It takes a keen sense and usually a design gene that’s past down to us…to be able to view color from an artistic stand point!

This information from Dunn Edwards Paints is sent to me as an interior designer in San Diego to keep up with what’s “chic” in paint trends.  As my clients personal designer, I pay special attention to the colors they can live with…what colors they feel comfortable surrounded by. 

Choosing a color scheme that is popular this year may become very outdated by next year. You never want to be tired of your wall colors… repainting can be a pricy do over. I prefer classic color combinations that are custom chosen for each client and meld beautifully into their environment. 

I have painted my own homes with Dunn Edward for many years and love the depth of  saturation of color on the wall. If you have not used DE paints…try it sometime.

If you feel like you need a little guidance, I am an expert colorist! We can select exactly what you are envisioning with a touch of inspiration from me… for that perfect paint palette. 



Change of the Seasons

As the leaves turn their fall hues, inspiration comes in rich colors. The emergence of precious metals mark a new trend, and we demonstrate the importance of what lies beneath.

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