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Looking for Home furnishings? You must check out these stores!

The art of Interior Design simply put…  is the basic concept of integrating elements in a room.


It is the unsuspecting fusion of elements in a room that lure in the passerby.
Where do these rooms get their great beginnings? I’ll let you in on some of my “must see” furniture stores and treasure troves in San Diego




Global Views

My attraction to the furnishings and accessories from Global Views is the unexpected new twist on the designs. You can’t quite can come up with a style name you just know you’ve never seen this level of tasteful elements fused together.

In the office project shown this photo, the traditional wall art needed to be blended with the opposite in style…a contemporary natural wood wall console.

Office Reception Room Design-Contemporary

Office Design Blended Clients Traditional Wall Art with Contemporary Touches


The console added intrigue and an eclectic mix to this office entry. In looking at the selection at Global Views you’ll discover the look and feel you yearn for in your home and office. Take a look at all the gorgeous items at Global Views




West Elm

Looking for pieces that integrate all styles together? This showroom with its pure… classic…  simplistic furniture becomes the basic neutral piece when sitting beside a stylized art nouveau table. This Company is a trend setter for the most current color palettes hitting the paints trays. You will find combinations of woodsy elements mixed with shinny accessories.  Whimsy natural art accenting eclectic styled pieces. West Elm in Mission Valley expresses their furniture line in every season throughout their showroom. For the book lover…  you’ll find their interior design collection to have inspiring ideas and possibilities. Another draw for me in the West Elm experience is the way their designers display their products throughout the showroom… A sparseness that shows everything off in its best form.
www.westelm.comAugust 2015




Consignment Classics

Just as the name describes… there is always an element of surprise each time you venture into this consignment store. Jammed with once loved treasures… you are in for the hunt, I have found the most prized pieces at giveaway prices. The collection is extensive especially if you’re looking for sofas and chairs. There is everything and anything in this store… from antiques to used to brand new pieces. If you are clever at refinishing and refurbishing the wooden cabinets and tables transform miraculously into classic accents when given a new finish. You may uncover something astounding…  especially to discover the quality in workmanship of the older furniture. If you are the type of person that is overwhelmed by the search bring your interior designer with you to help comb through the many isles to find your potential treasure!




You never knew what you needed to add to your collection until you walk through these doors. Best described as a conglomerate of talented artists who show off their wares under one roof. Among the display niches are antiques, reworked art, nostalgic furniture pieces, handmade jewelry by famed artist and an incredible array of greeting cards that I have found only in this store. Soho is also exclusive in their selection of interior design books showcasing the most fabulous homes from around the world.  Aside from being the perfect “find” for yourself… Soho on Cedros Bl. will surely have the unique gift for that person who has the same taste as you. As a designer I covet the one–of-a–kind accessory selection that my clients find so unique.

I have just started to put together for my web viewers this insider’s directory of “must check out” stores in San Diego.  Stay tuned for more discoveries!

PS… If you have a store I need to “check out“… Let me know about it!

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