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San Diego beach style design

August 11, 2011


You’ve seen the look…but you don’t necessarily live in the beachy part of San Diego.

Del Mar, La Jolla or Coronado are not the only places to capture the essence of a sea inspired space. Your space should be experienced and enjoyed …go ahead, take the freedom to create what you’ve always envisioned. The beachy look!



What are the colors of San Diego’s beach scenery? Usually not the typical commercialized ones you see like Aqua and Marine Blue…although they do exist. There is a whole palette of misty tones seen in the ocean, sky and sand.

To get a sense of colors you may not have noticed at the beach …take a look at some of the more unusual but soothing combinations of color that are found in this environment in the photo above, courtesy of Elle Decor.

How do you create this beachy theme without going overboard with the cliché beach décor? Think of all the elements you see at the beaches in Del Mar, La Jolla and Coronado… sometimes overlooked and not necessarily made by Mother Nature. Rusty metals, weathered rope, feathers, driftwood and broken glass smoothed by the ocean waves make for some interesting art forms in accessorizing.


.  Photo courtesy of Seaside Inspired

With all good design…remember it’s all in the mix! Glass, stone, shells, metal, wood, natural sponge all blend perfectly in this mix. Add to it your own personal character…your beachy look can be accented with any style as long as the color theme in coordinated throughout. Do remember, too much of any one thing will take the whole look in another direction; it will fall apart immediately…you will have lost your beachy theme.

The perfect balance in design is a delicate one. It is a special touch, a sensitive eye that interplays to create the visual impact to a room. Your beachy look is possible…no matter where you live in San Diego.



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