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September 1, 2011


San Diego interior designer, Kathleen Lilleeng wants to dispel a myth about hiring a professional for your design needs and desires. She offers her design “know how” on any size project…answers to your design dilemmas is her business! You don’t have to be redesigning your entire home or office to call in an interior designer for advice.

My clients are always involved with some type of improvement tasks at home and in the office and depend on my professional opinion. Whether it’s choosing new paint colors for the walls, deciding on the best flooring selection or …just buying a new sofa. Kathleen believes theses are big decisions that can be very intimidating if you are indecisive or afraid of making a bad choice. Her professional input on projects such as these is a must…and recommended to alleviate all your stress; it’s worth my affordable design fee.

“Interior designers approach decisions with many other factors weighing in that you probably never considered.” Kathleen says, practicality, compatibility and quality verses price are as important as what you’d like to choose. I have seen many of these misguided choices in home and offices and it throws off the entire theme …the atmosphere they were trying to create in the first place did not happen and they wonder what went wrong! These per chance decisions can be costly when colors are off base, there are mismatched textures and patterns, pieces are too large, while others are skimpy… and the other 100 other things that just doesn’t look right when you are guessing on these big decisions.

Take this advice into consideration on your improvement project, Kathleen at Home and Office Makeovers wants to save you from design catastrophes! No project is too small when it comes to these really big decisions. Her clients tell her all the time that they could not have made their design decisions without her expertise on the subject.

Contact interior designer Kathleen with your big decision!

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